beckendorph asked:

PERCY BDAY PROMPT: cAN U DO percy graduating and sally cries all over his gown and literally EVERYONE is at the graduation and they're being hella obnoxious with signs and noisemakers and screaming his name and he's like oGGGMMG STOP but they're so proud of him and it feels nice to have so many ppl supporting him

herhmione answered:

Percy could feel his knees shaking, the sweat starting to run it’s way down his neck. He could feel every move the little droplets made, every time they’d turn and starting running at a different angle.

He was nervous. More nervous than he’d ever been, in fact, though he couldn’t exactly tell why. After all, surviving two wars and playing instrumental parts in both should have left him feeling as if there was nothing he couldn’t do.

And this was high school graduation. Wasn’t he supposed to feel free, or relieved or something? None of the other students around him gave any signs of wanting to rip of their itchy, polyester gowns and hats that were practically sweat magnets and run out of the building. In fact, the other kids were all talking amongst each other, laughing and reminiscing about happy high school memories.

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